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05 Sep 2019
My First Week in Lower School

Lower School 584w2

My first full week at school went swimmingly. I really enjoyed all my subjects and had a good time. All my 'shadows' were really nice and helpful - they weren't with me all the time, they let me explore the school, but when I got lost one of them was there to help me. At first I was very confused about the classes and how to get there but I always found the way.

On my first day I thought it was going to be very awkward because I'm new, but the girls treated me as if I had been in the school for a long time and I liked that. I was surprised how quickly I had made friends with new girls and old girls.

I really like the library in Lower School. It is small but yet it has so many interesting and complicated books to choose from. When I had a session of English in the library, everyone just found a space and started reading. I was surprised how quiet it was, just everybody focusing on their books.

My first full week was amazing - I wouldn't change anything about it.

Chantal (Lower 4)


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