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21 Nov 2019
Planetarium Visit

Planetarium 1 S

As part of our topic on Space, Primary 3 got a visit from Cosmos Planetarium. Inside the dome the girls got the opportunity to watch the first moon landing with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Then they took a trip to Mars to learn about the Roz the Robot that will be visiting there next year! They then flew over to the biggest planet in our solar system, Jupiter where they learnt about the big red spot and discovered that it is a storm on Jupiter.

They learnt about different star constellations and discovered that the North Star always stays in the same position and they even got to see inside the space craft that took Tim Peak into Space! The planets, stars and galaxies spun all around us as we listened and learnt all about Space. We loved our visit from the planetarium and have learned lots of new facts about Space!

Here are some of our favourite parts from the planetarium visit:

My favourite part was that we felt like we were moving but we were actually staying in the one place! Laurie

I enjoyed it when it looked like we were in the space ship. Emily

I liked it when Mars was getting closer to us. Poppy

I enjoyed seeing the constellations. Jaanhavi

I liked it when the rocket flew above us! Kana


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