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16 Jan 2020
The Big Owls Learn All About Emotions

Nursery pupils learn about emotions

As a continuation of our ‘friendships’ topic, we decided to support the Big Owls to understand more about their feelings and how to identify emotions in others. Through games and art, the girls learn emotion words to develop their ability to express how they feel in their everyday life.

This week the Big Owls enjoyed taking part in the ‘Pass the Emotion’ hat game where they created their own characters and acted out different emotions. They loved looking at the emotion photos displayed in the classroom and chatted about the different facial expressions. The girls incorporated what they have learnt into their imaginative play and artwork. Happy faces, angry eyebrows, shy eyes, and shocked mouths appeared in their drawings! 

As part of our conversations, we had a look at some photos from the bushfires in Australia and talked about the changing climate and the animals that are in danger. The Big Owls described how sad they felt when they looked at the fires, something that triggered lots of discussions around what we can do to help our planet and feel happy again!


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