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13 Mar 2020
Havergal Exchange Experience

As part of St George's ongoing International Exchange programme we recently hosted seven students from Havergal College in Toronto. The girls were hosted with exchange partners in Upper 4 and have shared some thoughts on their experience both at St George's and their time in Scotland.

Cultural experience in ScotlandHavergal1 S

During our exchange to Scotland we have experienced so many different and wonderful things, from trying Irn Bru to going to the Scottish Highlands. When we first arrived at the airport, we were all very nervous to meet our partners and we ended up standing at the exit doors for five minutes not wanting to go through the doors and meet them. After we walked through, we were greeted by friendly smiling faces and we weren't as nervous anymore. Overall, we have made so many great memories and are so sad to be leaving so soon.

Our first weekend here was a blast and we saw so much of Edinburgh. We went to a traditional Scottish restaurant and tried Haggis and Irn Bru. Haggis was good at first bite however once we found out what was in It, it didn’t appeal to us anymore! Irn Bru on the other hand was thoroughly enjoyed by the whole group. Some of our favorite experiences were going to Camera Obscura, going to the Highlands, and just hanging out at home with our partners and their families. We have enjoyed this experience so much and, in a heartbeat, would do it again.

Havergal2 SFrom Ivy Walls to Ancient Halls

After months of preparations and excitement, we finally made it to Scotland. Once we had arrived at St. George’s, we had noticed lots of differences from our school. The main difference we noticed was the structure of the school. Not only is the building different, but so are the rules and the atmosphere. In our school, we only have one building where all our classes are held and where we also eat lunch. As well, there are also lots of different subjects that we don’t have at home, like food tech and product design. Another difference that we found rather quickly was that group all of the sciences into one class, which made it odd for us to go to different classes for each of our sciences. 

We had an amazing time and we not only learnt in the classroom, but we learnt about the culture of schools in Edinburgh. We had a fantastic time here and we are so sad to be leaving, but we hope to come visit soon.


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