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27 Apr 2020
St George's Receives its 4th Eco-Schools Green Flag Award

GreenflagWe are proud to announce that we have just received our 4th Eco-Schools Green Flag Award. This award is a visible indication of our school's commitment to Learning for Sustainability and is an internationally recognised accreditation for excellence in sustainable education. Our Eco committees across the school have been working towards this over the last two years, showing enthusiasm and dedication towards the project. Their efforts have been supported and embraced by the wider school community and we are proud to continue working towards making our school a greener place.

GreenflagAn excerpt from our award feedback letter:

"...I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the range of activities that you have taken forward during your Green Flag journey. Going through your application was a great start to my day as I felt like I was there with you on your journey. As a school community you have worked hard to ensure that your work has an impact both within the school but also within the local community. The work that you have been doing to reduce the amount of litter, both with and outside of your school grounds is fantastic to hear.

It was great to read and see how you have encouraged your students and community to become more aware and knowledgeable around food and the environment. It was lovely to read how you have thought of simple, sensible changes that I’m sure will have long-lasting effects on the students (and staff) with regards to how they think about food and the environment. I especially enjoyed reading about your 90kg Rice Challenge and the Cookbook idea were both fantastic and clearly, by making it a priority it highlights its value to the students and staff. It’s great to hear students and staff going that extra mile to be more sustainable and environmentally aware. Well done on such worthwhile initiatives. I can’t wait to read your next application to see how the bees are getting on.

GreenflagIt’s also fantastic to read how you have put a lot of value into your School Grounds topic. The work done by both P1 and staff to redesign and work with the staff at Earth Calling was inspirational and the results look fantastic. It was great to read about how the trees taken out were used so caringly for the benefit of all involved. This is something St George’s School for Girls should be extremely proud of and is lovely to read about and can only benefit the school and wider community as a whole – so well done. It’s also great that you have used your work towards your Green Flag as a way forward."


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