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05 Jun 2020
Update from the Public Relations Prefects

InterviewInterview Tips

Gary Connel, a chartered accountant and currently a Finance Director for a tech company, shared his interview tips with us this week. He outlined his own career journey and highlighted the importance of doing what you are good at and letting who you are guide you through your career. He emphasised the importance of preparing for an interview; knowing what the company does is always essential as this is often a starting point at the interview. He gave us some commonly asked questions that we could prepare for, such as: “Describe a time when an activity you took part in did not go well and how could you have done better?”

He explained that the structure of interviews has changed, that they are increasingly a two-way conversation and that you might be expected to start and lead the conversation.

Finally, he reminded us that there are no right and wrong answers to the questions the interviewers ask, they are looking at how you act and react to what they ask. We were all very grateful that Mr Connel spared the time to talk to us. We all learnt a lot from him and feel much more prepared for any interviews we’ll go to in the future.

NHS LogoNHS Project

For the NHS project week for Remove to Upper Four, Upper Sixth students volunteered to help with the various activities. This was a week-long project which encouraged students to research and learn about a variety of areas within the NHS.

They looked at the different departments within a hospital and how they are run as well as investigating historical figures in medicine such as Florence Nightingale, after whom the new London hospital was named. There were several creative projects for them to complete, including a playlist for a hospital radio and pieces of art too.

All the girls seemed to really enjoy this project and the Upper Sixth students enjoyed helping and answering the questions they had.


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