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10 Jun 2020
Chinese Cooking

 Chinese Food

Since we are having to do schoolwork from home just now, Ms Tsai’s Upper Four Chinese class did some research on Chinese dishes and then we all cooked the dishes and shared them with our families at home. Altogether we had managed to make a wide range of Chinese meals and we learnt about lots of new foods that some of us had never heard about before!

We had a meeting on Microsoft Teams to show off our creations. All the food looked so delicious, here are some of our dishes:

Lucie's Duck Pancakes

Cook the duck in a roasting bag so that it doesn’t dry out then chop the spring onions and the cucumber, the pancakes and the sauce comes with the duck and then you get a pancake and wrap it all up! Lucie cooked with her mum and ate it with her family but if any food gets left the cat gets to eat it!

Zuma's Sweet and Sour Chicken with Rice

Chop up the chicken and mix it with cornstarch and egg, fry the chicken then mix up the sauce which is made of soy sauce, vinegar and sugar. Boil the rice and put the chicken on the rice with the sauce. Zuma ate her dish with her family, and it was very delicious!

Lauren's Dumplings

Buy the dumpling wrappers and mix up the filling which has pork mice in it then put a teaspoon of the filling into the wrappers and steam them for 5 minutes the sauce is soy sauce and chilli flakes. This dish is traditionally eaten in the north of China.

Eva's Chicken and Noodles

Eva used green beans, green pepper, noodles and chicken to make her food, she cooked it with her mum, and they ate it together. It was very good.

Tilly's Pork Noodles

Cook the noodles and the pork then add the vegetables to the noodles and stir then add the pork the noodles and veg and stir. Tilly served hers with Chinese tea and made it look very authentic with chopsticks too!

Rosie's Chicken Chow Mein

First marinate the chicken in a sauce for 10 minutes then heat oil with garlic in a pan and add in the chicken and cook, then add the carrot, onion, noodles and sauce and stir. Rosie's dad ate her meal and she taught him how to say chicken noodles in Chinese!

Charlotte's Chicken and Noodles

Charlotte's meal was very colourful, it had red and green colours in it. First, she cooked the noodles then she cooked the chicken and added the vegetables and the noodles to the chicken.

Keisha's Rice Noodles

She used egg, onions, vegetables and rice noodles. The noodles cook very quickly, and Ms Tsai's favourite dish was rice noodles! Keisha's parents ate it and they liked it.


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