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11 Sep 2020
U6 Enrichment Programme: Life After St George’s

Last week in the Upper Sixth Enrichment Programme, we were lucky enough to have a Teams call with four St George’s leavers from 2019 who have just completed their first year at university. After brief introductions about where and which course they were studying, we listened to how their first year at university had gone and got an insight into some of the workings of university life.

The advice that we were given was very reassuring as for a lot of us, the prospect of leaving school and going to university is daunting. The girls shared how they felt when they first got to university such as the common feelings of nervousness and being unprepared, which many people face when entering Higher Education.

We had time at the end of the session to ask some questions regarding specific advice relating to university life and tips on various aspects of study e.g. note-taking in lectures, packing for Halls etc. We were also given some advice regarding Upper Six and UCAS applications, interview skills, personal statement writing and general tips for keeping on top of Advanced Higher workload, leadership responsibilities and ultimately, how to enjoy the last year of school as it is a special time with lots of great opportunities to get involved in.

Molly (Upper 6)

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