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25 Sep 2020
U6 Enrichment Programme: Alcoholics Anonymous

This week in Enrichment we were lucky enough to listen and speak to two members of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) – a non-profit organisation and international mutual aid fellowship to help alcoholics with a desire to stay sober – over a Microsoft Teams call. We were introduced to the workings of Alcoholics Anonymous and learnt how it was founded in 1935, with the only requirement for becoming a member being to have a genuine desire to stop drinking. AA is self-supporting and does not act as a charity organisation, including its stance being apolitical, highlighting how the organisation has retained a purely beneficial and centred focus on the community and directly helping those struggling from alcoholism, a truly inspiring ethos.

After being introduced to the organisation, we heard their personal stories of their experience and struggle with alcoholism. Hearing both of their inspirational stories really opened our eyes to how impactful this illness is for the lives of sufferers as well as some of the difficulties they face overcoming it and adopting a mindset of recovery.

We also learned how there has been an increase in the number of young people seeking help through AA, highlighting the success of the organisation as more people are seeking help sooner for their problems with alcohol, which will hopefully allow for more people to reap the benefits of AA in the long term.

The simple, yet life-changing goal of Alcoholics Anonymous – for members to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety – has remained central ever since its founding, without being influenced through media or government, is truly inspiring and shows the genuine nature of the organisation. We are all very grateful for the time the members invested in talking to our year group on such an important issue. We have the utmost admiration for their courage in sharing their stories with us and we wish them all the best.

Molly (PR Prefect)


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