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16 Dec 2020
Ending 2020 on a Sweeter Note…

Honey1 S2020 might have been tough on us, but the bees have thrived in cleaner skies and reduced human activity. Under the watchful eye and nurturing care of Peter at his Redhall allotment, Queen Beetoria and her worker bees have been very busy, filling Honeycomb Cottage with impressive amounts of honey over the past few months.

Earlier this week, the Junior School were delighted to receive the very first batch of St George’s Honeycomb Cottage Honey! It is fully organic and absolutely delicious!

Labels have already been designed and printed by the JS Eco Committee and the first 50 mini jars will be available from the start of next term. Some we will open for the classes to have a taste and others will be able to be put on sale. We expect there to be quite a demand! Luckily for us, Queen Beetoria is already working on the next batch!


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