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03 Mar 2021
Distance Learning... 8000 Miles Away!

Los AngelesSo, we all know about lockdown, and how it has unfortunately affected our ability to learn in person. We have now switched to online learning in our own homes. I live very close to St. George's, less than a mile away, but about a month ago, I was 8,000 miles away from school! Wait, stop. I know you're confused - was I in Antarctica or something? No, I was actually in Los Angeles, all the way across the States!

"But how will I do school?" was my first question. LA is 8 hours behind Scotland, and that was a problem we faced. After some extravagant ideas, a lightbulb popped up: I would do school like the rest of my class, although with a twist: no meetings! You guessed it, I would only be getting my instructions from school posts. I would also be having short 1-1 class calls, with the very helpful teacher, Miss Hippisley.

Learning this way has its pros and cons. Online learning without clear instruction was difficult at times. I found myself feeling anxious about catching up when there was a deadline, and nervous when I did not understand what to do. Although, learning this way gave me the ability to do things in my own time, and the teachers were always very helpful if I was confused, or did something wrong.

We worked on a group project during activity time on Friday afternoons when we had to forecast the weather for a year in India. You're probably wondering how I managed to meet with my group. Well, it was simple: I got up early.
Due to the time difference, it was 6:40 am in LA when the meetings started, so every Thursday night, I would get a good night's sleep, and even though it was tiring getting up so early, I reminded myself I had to commit to my group and do my part in order to reach the goal of presenting.

I was now nearing the time when we would come back to Scotland but unfortunately, we were flying on Friday morning, the day of the presentation. I decided to take videos of myself performing my part and then sent them to my group to play on the PowerPoint. It went very well, and I had a fun time on it.

Being in LA improved my mental wellbeing as it felt like I was truly at home. I missed the States very much and it made me extremely happy to spend time there and to see my family. My dad spends most of his time in LA so I got to spend lots of time with him, which I enjoyed. I saw my cousins and went surfing at the beach.

When I returned to Edinburgh, I found it hard to adjust in many ways, mentally and physically. I was very sad to be leaving the States and had trouble sleeping, but I was excited to see my classmates and teachers again. We will be returning to school in person soon, and I am eager to get back. It will be pleasant to greet everybody and interact in person. Although, it has been a while, so make sure your face masks still function!

Saiorse (P6X)


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