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15 Mar 2021
St George's School Extends Provision for Boys in Younger Primary Years

Layer 1For many years now St George’s has welcomed boys at the younger end of the Nursery. They have traditionally left us at the end of their ante pre-school year, and we have always been sad to say goodbye to them. We are delighted to announce that from August 2021 it will be possible for boys to remain at St George’s throughout their nursery years, and then to move on with their friends into our Primary 1, and in due course stay with us up to the end of Primary 3.

We believe this will be a great help to our families who currently have young children at different schools and have to make the difficult decision to take their daughters away from St George’s at the same time as their sons, in order to keep them together, to assist with domestic logistics. We will be able to provide an outstanding early education for St George’s families with young sons as well as daughters.

This initiative will offer a solution for those who plan to send a son on to Merchiston from the age of 7 plus. There will be opportunities for boys to visit and experience a flavour of life at Merchiston, providing a smooth transition for those who choose that route. Our established daily transport service to and from Merchiston will continue and we will work together to expand our programme of joint activities across the school.

The first step of our educational journey is a time for children to explore, socialise, play and learn together. St George’s is a setting that offers security, nurture and challenge and where children are excited and happy to come into school.

This will not alter of course, and nor will these changes affect our dedication to St George’s heritage as a pioneering girls’ school. We remain committed to the benefits of an all-round education with a distinctive ethos which is totally focused on and designed to educate girls aged 8 to 18 years. Given that we are taking this step, however, we will be known from now on as ‘St George’s, Edinburgh'.

To find out more, please contact our admissions department, T: 0131 311 8008, E:


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