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25 Mar 2021
U6 Enrichment Programme - Blood Transfusion Service

This week we learned about the importance of the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service.

A blood transfusion is the process of blood being donated by one person to another person who needs it, e.g. to replace blood lost during a surgical operation or if involved in an accident, to treat certain blood disorders such as anaemia or sickle cell disease, or for patients suffering from cancer who have weakened immune systems.

We learnt that a quarter of us will need blood at some point in our lives and that just one donation can save up to three lives. We found out about the importance of encouraging as many people as possible to give blood to hospitals as they rely on it to be available for patients who really need it, especially because currently only 5% of people in Scotland donate blood.

We found out that you need to be 17 or over to donate blood, you do not need to know your blood type when you donate for the first time and the majority of people who give blood say it is a quick and painless process. There are a few things that might prevent you from giving blood such as if you have recently had a piercing or tattoo, you need to wait 4 months before you can give blood and for females aged 17-19 you need to be at least 65kg and over 168cm tall otherwise you need to calculate your blood volume as they cannot take more than 10% because of an increased risk to fainting. Recent foreign travel and any medication you might be on could also stop you from donating.

Currently, you are still allowed to go and donate blood during the Covid-19 restrictions as it is classed as an essential form of travel by the Scottish government, but you must make an appointment.

We learnt a lot about blood donation this week and are grateful for the presentation to spread awareness for such an important topic. We were also encouraged to check out the website and their social media platforms for lots more helpful information as well as some amazing personal stories about people whose lives have been saved by blood donations.

The Edinburgh Blood Donor Centre – 41 Lauriston Place, EH3 9HB
Tel: 03459090999

Molly (PR Prefect)


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