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29 Mar 2021
Community One Stop Shop

OneStopShopCommunity One Stop Shop is a local Edinburgh charity based in Broomhouse. They help families and young children with food, clothing, home items and any other things they need assistance with to help in their daily lives. Broomhouse is one of the poorest areas in Edinburgh so the charity has a lot of work to do.

I have been working with Community One Stop Shop since December 2020. After helping the charity at Christmas, we offered to help Community One Stop Shop during lockdown by making packed lunches for school-age and younger children on Fridays. Mrs Moore gave me permission each Friday morning to go to Tesco with my mum to buy the food and make up 30 packed lunches each week for children. I felt proud doing this and knowing that I was helping a child have a full tummy on a Friday.

My mum had an idea to do something different one week - I think she was fed up making sandwiches!! She asked the charity what one item they were always short of, as some of my classmates' mums had asked if they could do anything to help. Community One Stop Shop said one word - nappies! So, P6 have come together with the help of our mums and donated over 50 packets of nappies to Community One Stop Shop to help families who struggle to buy these items for their children. Our year group are proud of doing something to help. My dog Alfie was confused with what was sitting in our hallway waiting to go in the car - he always gets in all the pictures!

Neve (Primary 6)



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