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29 Mar 2021
Return to School for P4

P4ReturnIt is so good to be back at School! Primary 4 have been reflecting on their learning over the last few months and these are some of the thoughts that we have had... 

Home learning has been fun in many respects, but difficult in others.

I hated not seeing my friends in real life. It was not the same in calls.  

I liked it because when I finished my work, I had more time to spend with my family. 

I liked it because I got to see my mum more than I would have done at school.  

Sometimes my parents were a bit strict. 

I didn't like it because sometimes the internet didn't always work, and I could not take part in class calls.  

The teachers made up fun activities to do off screens. 

I liked it when once a week we could have a one-to-one meeting with our teacher. 

I liked having my daily marshmallows and babyccino. 

However, being back at school is overwhelmingly positive... 

I love being with friends again and seeing people in real life - not on a screen! 

Having school lunches is the best.  

Breaktimes are amazing. We can play outside and have fun.  

I do not have to look at a screen to do my work. 

I enjoy being back with my funny Teacher. 

We went to the library today and got to borrow a book!  

We are learning person to person, with the teacher able to help us straight away.  

I love all the fun things we do at school - PE, walks and learning a new topic. 

I love following our timetable again, so I know what is going to be happening next.  

It is more fun to learn in class instead of in our homes. 

PE, Drama, Library, Music and French are much more fun in person with our specialist teacher. 

It is better to discuss things with our teachers in person instead of on a screen.


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