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06 May 2021
Back to School for Lower 4!

L4 ReturnBeing back at school has been very enjoyable so far. We have got to see all our friends who we have missed through online learning, get all of our exciting clubs back and receive all our lessons in person. The thing I most appreciate about being back at school is having my breaks and lunches with my friends, instead of getting my lunch at home alone.

Lessons feel much more engaging now that we are back at school, and I am particularly enjoying history where we are learning about the Tudors. In the classroom I feel like I can properly concentrate on what the teacher is saying instead of getting distracted by something if I was at home. Having school in person has for sure got me back into wanting to learn, and made me want to engross myself more in lessons.  

Iris W (L4Q)

I have loved being back at school. Even with small things like wearing uniform. I feel much more like I am learning. Now that we are back, I can see my friends in person, I can play sports, and do fun team activities by communicating with everyone. While doing home learning, I found PE very different, as we couldn’t play with/against our friends. It is really nice to be able to see them and play tennis and cricket.

L4Return2021 sI have particularly enjoyed all three sciences, now that we can do experiments together. English is also very interesting, being able to read in groups. Modern Studies, Religion and Philosophy and History are fun as we get to think and discuss things as a class. Maths is easier in class, with the starter questions on the whiteboards. Art is riveting, as we can all give tips to each other and compliment each other’s drawings. Food Tech is amazing since we can now cook and bake. ICT is compelling, now that we are no longer doing coding and we are learning cool things with our office 365 apps. Music is also wonderful, being able to come together as a class and make music. The clubs are very engaging; I personally have joined Tennis, Cricket, Debating and Creative Writing clubs which I would thoroughly recommend. I also love how the library is now open during certain breaks and lunches, and the perfect place to calm down on a rainy day. Overall, I am ecstatic that we are back in school and I can’t wait for the upcoming weeks.

Samanthi (L4Q)

L4Return2021 5 sAfter months of home learning we are finally back in school. This is great for many of us because it makes taking in information and learning easier. Ashmita says, “ It’s amazing to be face to face and to see all of our friends and teachers.” Although, some people say that there were benefits to home learning like waking up later and having a choice of food. Alexia says, ”It was nice to be able to go cycling at lunch and break,”

Cara and Maisie (L4P)


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