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26 Jan 2017
I Dance Every Day

Lucy 250wHello my name is Lucy and I will be telling you about my dancing.

I dance every day! At the moment I train for 10 hours and 35 minutes each week. I also have body conditioning exercises to do at home six times a week. These take me about an hour each day.

Recently I have been auditioning for many dance schools. So far I have auditioned for Elmhurst School for Dance, the Royal Ballet School and Tring Park School for Performing Arts. In February I will be auditioning for the Dance School of Scotland.

I want to go to these boarding schools because I will be able to dance most of the day (you still do academic work) and you are taught by the best teachers. This means you don’t waste any time travelling to and from your classes. At the moment I take classes in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle and sometimes I do workshops in London.

So far I have been given a place at Tring Park but I will need to audition for a scholarship as my fees would be very expensive. My scholarship audition is in March. My favourite school to go to would be the Royal Ballet School, but it is very difficult to get in. Before my audition, the Director of the school told us there was only 1 place for my year and over 1000 applications!

One day I hope I will become a ballerina!

Lucy, RP

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