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28 Apr 2017
Debating Victory in the Auld Hoose!

Should the UK abolish all nuclear weapons? Do parents have the right to take their children on holiday during term time? Should we ban the advertising of alcohol? 

These were the topics debated at Robert Gordon's College's annual Auld Hoose debating competition, held in Aberdeen this weekend. St George's took three girls to compete - Alex, Kristin and Imisi, all from Lower 5. Imisi and Kristin were partnered together and they had a successful day, learning a lot about debating and improving consistently.

Sadly, Alex's partner was unwell, but coincidentally one of Tynecastle High School's debaters, Max, was in the same boat, so they teamed up. Despite never having met before Saturday morning success followed, as they argued persuasively throughout the three rounds.

They made it to the final, where they faced off against experienced teams from the High School of Dundee, St Columba's and Craigmount High. The final motion was "This House would cast the next James Bond as female", and we were treated to an engaging and surprisingly sophisticated discussion of sexism, gender politics and the impact of role models. There was a very high standard of engagement from all speakers, and the audience were thoroughly appreciative. 

Arguing the case for the opposition, Alex and Max had a tough job, but they rose to the challenge, and achieved great success. Alex won the prize for being the best overall speaker in the competition, and together they won the final, bringing home the second trophy of the session (although we'll be sharing this one with Tynecastle!).

As always, Robert Gordon's College were wonderful hosts, offering a lovely, warm atmosphere, some excellent judging and feedback, and great food too! We are already looking forward to Auld Hoose 2018...

Andrew Leask
Head of English & Drama
St George's School for Girls

Winners at Auld Hoose 2017 Tynecastle St Georges Composite Team 640w

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