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26 Jun 2017
The Athlete Visit

On Thursday 15 June, a Paralympian swimmer called Claire Cashmore came to our school for a question and answer session because we won the BBC Terrific Scientific competition. We took part in two experiments and they were the sleep diary and tree measuring. Claire Cashmore is a Paralympian swimmer because she has half of her arm missing. She talked about how she started swimming and also about her motivation. She talked about herself and how she won 8 medals (1 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze) and then she passed around a gold and a silver medal. Claire told us that the medals have their own rattle so that people who are blind know which medal they have won.

We took pictures of her and our P6 swimming team, then all of P6 was in a picture with Claire. After the picture, we went to the pitch and Claire helped us start our next experiment on forces.

At the end, Claire gave her autograph to p6 and she also signed both of her swimming caps and a white cone for us.

Sarah, Unaysah, Gabriella, P6P

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