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21 Sep 2017
Little Owls News

Little Owls 250wHealth and wellbeing  

The girls and boys continue to feel settled in their new environment, exploring, looking, listening and engaging in spontaneous and planned purposeful play. We have introduced rolling snack, promoting independence and developing fine motor skills. 

Expressive Arts 

Art Club with Mrs Cate is proving to be popular and the children have been focusing on the book 'Rabbityness' by Jo Empson. 

They have been designing and creating rabbits, trees, gifts and deep dark holes. Our mark making station is being well used and the ‘herby’ dough has been a big hit. During music lessons with Mrs Morrison, the children have been singing some new and some familiar songs and using simple percussion instruments.

Numeracy and Mathematics

Children explore number all around our Little Owls playroom and they are especially enjoying experimenting with number and pattern on the light-box. Block play and loose parts have played a big part these past few weeks.

Little Owl 175wEnglish and Literacy

We are reading and listening to many stories and we get together for Circle Time each morning in our Tawny and Snowy Owl groups, where we are learning to meet up, warm up, calm down, cheer up and open up, enabling us in time to listen, look, think, concentrate and speak. Our twice weekly visits to the Junior School Library to listen to a story with Miss Lorna are met with such excitement and we are learning the Library rules....”Shhhh no rabitting!”

Relgious and Moral Education

We had fun celebrating and learning about the festival Eid al-Adha and enjoyed making 'henna' Mehndi patterns. Miss Mistry cooked up a delicious spicy potato and tomato curry, for snack. Yum!

Owl 200wVertical Grouping

Across the three stages of the Nursery, we continue to play and learn together, sharing play experiences and promoting transition. Today one of our small vertical groups is going to Murrayfield Care Home, where they will share conversation, activities and time with some of the residents.

A happy and positive start to the new academic year!


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