Pupil Council

A Pupil Council is a group of pupils elected by their peers to represent their voices and views.

Our Pupil Council is made up of pupils from P3-P5. Each P3-4 class will elect one representative from their class and two pupils will be elected from each P5 class.

Once elected on to Pupil Council as board members, children will be able to apply for specific job roles within the organisation.

These are as follows:

Council 300w• Chair person

• Vice Chair Person

• Secretary

• Treasurer

• Officers

Job roles and responsibilities will be shared with all Pupil Council members at the beginning of the year and job specifications will be kept in each class file.

All Pupil Council members must:

• be respectful and listen to others.

• contribute or participate actively in meetings.

• follow the school rules and be role models to other pupils.

• model good behaviour at all times.

• be polite and courteous to others.

• not refer to specific individuals or groups during discussions.

• use their position on Pupil Council to support and develop their school and peers and not abuse this position in any way.


• Meetings will last a minimum of 30 minutes.

• The venue and time of meetings will be agreed at the beginning of each school year.

• Pupil council members will feedback important information to their peers after each meeting.

Pupil Council: Our Purpose.

Our Pupil Council helps to ensure that we, the pupils, have:

• A safe, happy and fair learning environment.

• A forum to voice our concerns and act upon them.

• Can help improve learning in the school.

• Experience of democratic process.

Our Pupil Council encourages us to develop:

• A sense of ownership over policy and practice.

• Our understanding of how pupils learn.

• Responsibility towards the school community and environment.

Our Pupil Council gives us experience of:

• Planning, organising and monitoring small projects.

• Speaking, listening and debating.

• Mediation and negotiation skills.

• Basic budgeting and managing money.

Our Pupil Council prepares us for citizenship by:

• Teaching us about roles, rights responsibilities and learning within our school and in our community.


Pupil Council Minutes 28/9/18


Pupil Council Minutes 21/9/18