Read about Mirren's life at St George's School, Edinburgh

Ambition: to study Environmental Geoscience at UniversityMirren Stevens 250w

‘I like the friendly, close-knit community of St George’s girls and teachers that is always there for you. All you need to do is be the best version of yourself, and everyone will want to help you. St George’s is the perfect place to begin and leave from. My teachers have supported me throughout my time from Nursery to Upper 6. Over the years every one of them has said that I had the ability, and it was up to me to grab the opportunities and to make the most of them.

My favourites

‘Some of my fondest memories are of Saturday mornings playing sport with my teammates. Whether it was hockey, tennis or athletics, we were all representing the school together. Whether we had won or lost, it was always about taking part. I’ve been able to play with my closest friends and having St G’s on my top has meant everything to me.

‘’I’ve also loved the school assemblies. I look forward to going in every Monday and Thursday, singing our hymn and then listening to whatever our teachers have to say to us that day. It sets you up for the week and it will be something I miss.

‘All the way up I have felt very connected to my House, Buccleuch, which I have been Vice-Captain of this year. My grandmother, her two sisters, and then my two sisters and I, have all been in Buccleuch. It’s been an interesting learning curve trying to plan everything for the House this year when you cannot physically keep a hold of over 100 girls. It’s very difficult!  You have to choose how to listen to advice from everyone and what to act on. That’s probably been my biggest learning point, choosing what to listen to. It’s definitely been exciting this year and great fun!’