Charities at St George’s

At St George's we aim to create a sense of responsibility, generosity and social justice among our students. 

The girls are encouraged to contribute ideas, and charitable projects often develop organically from our students’ own interests and concerns.

Some well-known organisations which have been supported recently include Shelter, Christian Aid, Unicef, Lepra, Children in Need, Edinburgh City Mission, Fresh Start, Cancer charities, CLIC, St Columba's and the Children's Hospice. Some smaller local charities have also been assisted, such as Richmond’s Hope and the Drum Riding School.

Three members of staff work with the school's Charities Committee representatives, who are drawn from each year group of the school. The girls assist by way of collections, 'own clothes' days at school, cake and candy stalls, raffles, and sponsorship of children from less economically developed countries.

Links are being forged with many countries, including Rwanda and Thailand. An annual collection and Christmas party take place for local children, who are well supported by the pupils of St George's.