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Codes and Ciphers Project

The Comenius club of St George’s had a week long exchange in Germany looking at historic codes and ciphers. The exchange involved four countries (Germany, Holland, Austria and Scotland) who all came together to look at different types of encryption throughout history. For the first meeting, St George’s looked at the Mycenaean language of Linear B, a pre-Ancient Greece civilisation of warriors and traders. The girls stayed in pairs with host families in Blankenburg, a town at the foot of the Harz Mountains near Frankfurt and spent five days looking at four different ancient codes and ciphers as well as brushing up on their German. The trip also gave them an opportunity to try out geo-tagging, and visit the Sky Disc of Nebra and the Harz mountains.

Students from the Comenius club also recently visited Maastricht in Holland to study codes a little closer to our time. They learned how to communicate in Morse and Braille, developing their own methods for memorising and using the codes. They also taught the other students some simple Morse.