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Independent Women - also known as IW - is our pupil led magazine at St Georges.  IW has evolved over the past four years as a platform for students to air their views on a host of issues.  Contributors from all years are welcome and the last issue had articles from Remove pupils through to our sixth formers.  Articles have covered topics ranging from the Oscars to Obama, from the social network to social justice, from what we love to eat to what we love to hate.  Each year a new editorial team is selected from U6 who strive to keep true to the core values of great journalism for a school audience.  Each new team might toy with the design or introduce new sections but the aim is always to look outward and comment fairly on the world as the girls see it. 

IW has now achieved recognition at the Scottish School Magazine of the Year Awards, receiving six nominations in categories which included best editorial, best cover design and best individual contributor. 



Independent Women Winter 2014/2015

Independent Women Summer 2014