Model United Nations Club

Now in its 9th year, the Model United Nations club forms part of the wider international experience for students at St George’s.

The club meets weekly to debate many of the current regional and international problems debated at the United Nations.

Led by three upper 6 Co-Secretary Generals, the club is student-run and student-led, allowing students to set the debates and prepare new students on how to write briefing papers and resolutions.

The format of Model United Nations (MUN) allows for flexible debate centred around students taking on the role of a particular country. Prior to formal Model UN conferences, students conduct extensive research to learn how their assigned country may react or plan for regional and global crises. In the past the club has collaborated with schools in England and Germany as part of a joint delegation in the run-up to the annual George Watson’s MUN conference each March, one of the largest such conferences in the United Kingdom.

Participating students gain an awareness of the how the United Nations operates and how regional and global issues increasingly impact the wider international community.