Confucius Classroom for St George's Upper School

Confucius Classroom promoting Chinese at St George’s 

Through our pioneering Confucius Classroom, founded in 2008 and the first in Edinburgh, St George’s has been instrumental in promoting and facilitating the learning and teaching of Chinese language and culture.

Learning Chinese

All S1 girls have a block of Chinese (Mandarin) as part of their carousel of Languages. Chinese is a language option in the third year of secondary education with opportunities to complete qualifications in Mandarin right up to university entrance level.

Confucius Classroom Opening

In 2007 Hanban offered St George's School the opportunity to open a Confucius Classroom in partnership with Bashu Middle School, Chongqing, and St George's accepted this offer with enthusiasm.  St George's agreed to work with the Scottish Government and with Education Scotland to be part of the network of Confucius Classrooms in Scotland.

Confucius Classroom recent events

Scotland China Educational Network (SCEN)

We work with the Scotland China Education Network (SCEN) which links us with individuals and organisations all over Scotland who are interested in China.

Contact Us

For anyone interested in finding out more about the work of the Confucius Classroom or needing support in terms of teachers or resources please be in touch: Trudi Robertson E: