Upper School Digital Exchange

Upper 4 Modern Studies Digital Exchange

Trinity Valley School, Fort Worth, Texas, USA 

The Modern Studies Digital Exchange with the Trinity Valley School, Fort Worth, Texas, USA allows the Upper 4 year group to explore and exchange ideas about key issues facing the United Kingdom and United States today. 

The exchange consists of an introductory teleconference followed by two blog assignments using Edmodo, an educational website which specialises in bringing students together digitally.

During the autumn term the first blog examines the concept of open borders and the degree to which countries should curb immigration. Students research the topic before leaving their answers to set teacher prompts. Answers left are then available for others to read and respond to in their group.

The second blog asks students to evaluate the extent to which Martin Luther's dream of full racial equality has been realised. Students watch a documentary film about African-American youths in Baltimore as part of their research before blogging in response to what others have written. These activities aim to develop the ICT skills of students as well as provide for a greater understanding of two key contemporary issues.