Academic Developments Autumn 2018

Over the course of this year we have been planning some enhancements to our curriculum which will take effect from Autumn 2018 for Primary 7 to S4. View our short video clips below to hear about our changes.

An all-through school academic curriculum
At St George’s we take care to plan our curriculum across the whole school so that we can ensure the most successful progression for all our students. We are introducing discrete sciences and more foreign languages earlier in the curriculum, as well as the HPQ (Higher Project Qualification) in S3.

The Sciences
Our Primary 6 and P7 girls enjoy a double period of specialist science teaching every week.  From August 2018 we will start teaching discrete sciences to our S1 students for the first time, rather than waiting until they move up to S2. Every student in S1 will have a double lesson of Physics, a double lesson in Chemistry and a double lesson in Biology every week. This will mean that they have had a thorough foundation in all three sciences before starting their GCSE courses formally in S2.

Foreign Languages
We begin formal language teaching in P5, with either French or Spanish, alternating from year to year. From August 2018 girls in P7 will experience our languages carousel, so over the course of the year, in addition to the three lessons a week of Spanish, which is the language that they have been learning since P5, they will have 9 week blocks of lessons in French, Mandarin Chinese and German. They will also have a single lesson of Latin every week and be introduced to classical studies as a background to the Latin.

The HPQ (Higher Project Qualification)
The Higher Project qualification is a standalone qualification and can be taken by students as an addition to their GCSEs.This qualification requires girls to study a topic area which extends or expands their learning in an appropriate area of study.