Future Career Progression at St George’s Sixth Form

As part of the student welfare team, the Head of Careers takes great pride and pleasure in helping individuals explore options and tries to ensure that everyone gets the information and time they require to make that next step. They work closely with the Sixth Form team and promote links with further and higher education institutions, near and far.


All our Sixth Form students and Upper 5 are given access to Unifrog, the universal destinations platform where students can explore their interests, and then find and successfully apply for their next best steps after school. The platform offers an on-demand webinar series for students and families, as well as resource libraries for applications to apprenticeships and institutions both in the UK and abroad.

Career Resources

To help each student with thoughts about subject choices, university and college courses and gap years, we provide:

  • Guidance and preparation for UCAS, college, jobs and apprenticeships
  • Career breakfasts, lunchtime and after-school speakers
  • Drop-In Sessions
  • We have close links with our alumnae community, and we invite former students to share their experiences
  • A monthly Careers newsletter with up-to-date information on an extensive range of courses and other opportunities
  • A well-stocked Careers Base

Lower Sixth

In Lower 6 we hold a Lifelong Learning Conference and an Insights and Experience week to provide practical advice on applying to universities and colleges. Lower 6 students do a five-day work experience programme.

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IMG 9806
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