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Lower Sixth Form (S5) 16 – 17 years

Most girls take five subjects in Lower Sixth usually at SQA Higher Level. They select from a wide and flexible choice of subjects which caters for individual needs. The Scottish Higher is a university matriculation qualification and remains the gold standard for entry to Scottish universities. Increasingly, English universities often make unconditional offers to Scottish applicants with five (very good) Highers.

Upper Sixth Form (S6) 17 – 18 years

In Upper Sixth Form a wide range of courses is available. Many girls take at least three Advanced Higher courses or a combination of qualifications. Girls usually apply for university entry in the autumn term of Upper 6.

University admissions tariff points

Scottish Highers and Advanced Highers provide versatility. While Higher remains the gold standard for entry to university courses in Scotland, Advanced Higher courses carry comparable UCAS ratings to A Levels and English universities welcome Higher and Advanced Higher qualifications, as do universities throughout the world.

Our applicants regularly receive attractive offers from top English universities based on the success of combining Highers and Advanced Highers.

Scottish Advanced Higher UCAS Tariff A = 56 points

A Level UCAS Tariff A* = 56 points.

“After taking Chinese as one of my Advanced Highers, it’s now my favourite subject so I’m pursuing this as my degree at Oxford University – and St George’s University Preparation Club was extremely helpful during the Oxford application process.”
Lauren, Class of 2023

St George’s academic enrichment programme provides is a vibrant range of activities that offers challenges to students’ thinking and expands their view of the world around them.

Students use their individual devices to access learning materials within and outwith the classroom; Class Notebook is used extensively to structure class notes and student work; staff use an inkable Windows 2-in-1 device, which can be wirelessly streamed to the digital screens in classrooms, which we call ‘the untethered classroom’.

Innovative, creative and interdisciplinary STEM opportunities at St George’s all-girls school equip our students with skills that will allow them to be competitive in a rapidly changing world.

By the time the students reach Sixth Form, most no longer require input from Support for Learning, but some, due to their subject options, still benefit from occasional tutorial sessions with a member of the Learning Support staff. 

Sixth Form students use the Upper School Library throughout the school day for quiet study and research. Sixth Formers also receive additional librarian-led research and reference seminars as a group and in subject classes. They may then request 1:1 support from the librarian to help with specific enquiries.

Students in Upper 4 can apply for a reciprocal exchange to our partner schools in Toronto, Canada and Philadelphia and Fort Worth in America. The duration of the programme ranges from 2- 4 weeks.

Students in Upper 5 and Lower 6 can apply for a reciprocal exchange to our partner schools in Australia, Chile, New Zealand and South Africa. The duration of the exchange is 4 – 6 weeks.

There are opportunities for expeditions with Global Action to Nepal and Costa Rica which run every 2 years.

Global Perspective course

Global Perspective course delivered in the Upper 4 Curriculum

  • develops learners’ ability to consider significant global issues from different perspectives
  • encourages learners to work collaboratively and individually and to apply their knowledge in different contexts
  • develops transferable skills to complement learning in other curricular areas and prepare learners to be active global citizens in a life beyond school
  • Encourage critical thinking.

Sixth Form Videos

Studying Highers and Advanced Highers

Fiyin: Reflections

Sixth Form (S5 and S6) Courses

Sixth Form Curriculum and subject guide
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