St George’s School for Girls – Independent Day and Boarding School

St George’s School is a prominent all girls’ day and boarding school set in parkland in the heart of historic Edinburgh.

Established in 1888 by the pioneers of women’s education, St George’s is Scotland’s largest all girls’ school and the only all-through independent private school in Edinburgh for girls aged 2 to 18. Your daughter will have unrivalled learning opportunities, excellent teaching and individual support for her personal, social and intellectual development. Our flexible approach to learning and care provides a level of support few schools can match.

Rated 'Excellent' by Education Scotland in 2015, St George's consistently achieves outstanding results in both Scottish and English exam qualifications. 

We are delighted to be celebrating our 130 year in 2018.

New school bus routes from autumn term 2018

  • ‘I like the friendly, close-knit community of St George’s girls and teachers that is always there for you. All you need to do is be the best version of yourself, and everyone will want to help you. St George’s is the perfect place to begin and leave from. My teachers have supported me throughout my time from Nursery to Upper 6. Over the years every one of them has said that I had the ability, and it was up to me to grab the opportunities and to make the most of them.' Read Mirren's full story.

    Mirren Stevens
  • ‘I am finishing my fifth year at St George’s having started as a boarder in Upper 4 when I was 14 years old. I‘m from Hong Kong. My parents both work for the Hong Kong Police Force and a work colleague recommended St George’s to them. My parents wanted to move me from my school in Hong Kong as I wasn’t focusing on my studies and they thought I might be more suited to a different environment. I found my old school quite stressful and very competitive.' Read Edith's full story.

  • ‘I started here in the Nursery. My parents were sold on the idea of a single-sex education. They felt that there would be fewer distractions without boys and less stereotyping in subjects. They also liked the size of the school; it is much smaller than some of the other options in Edinburgh. I’m happy they chose here. If I had been at a co-ed school, I’m not sure I would have gone down the science route. It is just not as common to see girls doing all the sciences as it is here.' Read Morgan's full story.

    Morgan inwood2
  • 'My mother is an old St George’s girl so it seemed natural that I would follow in her footsteps and I started here in the Nursery. My brother was here in the Nursery as well and then moved to Edinburgh Academy. Over the years I’ve enjoyed making friends across different age and friendship groups. Now I’m finishing my final year I feel as though all these groups have come together and I realise how much I value these friendships. I have a great network of friends with different interests and passions.' Read Emma's full story.

    emma rae
  • 'I’ve been at St George’s for five years. I joined from a small prep school in the Borders. My parents and I visited a couple of schools in Edinburgh, and I decided on St George’s. My grandmother had been a pupil at neighbouring girls’ school, Lansdowne House, before the war, so we had a small connection. Coming from a small school which had a strong sense of community, it was great that I quickly developed a feeling of belonging. This school has a fantastic, supportive and close-knit community'... Read Morven's full story

  • 'I joined St George's in Primary 3 when my family relocated from Birmingham. We looked at other Edinburgh schools but decided we liked the smaller size of St George's and the fact it was a girls' school. I do think that school life has been easier for me without the distraction of boys at school. I am confident and happy to have a go at everything. For my Highers I studied Maths, English, Chemistry, History and Latin. When I moved to Upper 6, I knew that my interests were in Latin and Classics, and I took Latin, English and History for my Advanced Highers'... Read Daisy's full story

    daisy lopes 1
  • 'Being an all girls' school means that girls can be who they want to be. For example, we have total freedom to share our opinions in class, and to do traditionally 'male' subjects like Physics. The small size means you get to know everyone in your year very quickly and the class sizes are fairly small which is great for learning. I have no doubt that I wouldn't be as confident if I hadn't come here. The friendly environment was a key aspect, allowing me to grow up in a non-judgemental atmosphere.' Recent leaver, Maddy Shepherd

  • 'St George's empowered me to believe in myself, and is a large part of the reason why I have am involved in so many different things.  Recently I won a competition to design some teaching for the undergraduate curriculum on professionalism for all medical schools in the UK, and ran this teaching session at the General Medical Council's annual conference. Some of my inspiration for this came from teachers at school, demonstrating that serious topics can be covered in fun and engaging ways.'  Former pupil, Bethany Lloyd

  • 'I was nurtured throughout my whole school career by some really great teachers who genuinely cared about my progress and supported my through not just my exams, but growing up too. The ethos of the school shaped me to believe I can achieve success if I put my mind to it. My teachers were always really encouraging and I found that especially in the sixth form; they really shaped my interests and who I have become. They were very dedicated to my growth and kept us stimulated and stretched. Former pupil, Lily Oram

Empowering girls to believe in themselves

What is it like to be a pupil at an all girls' school in Edinburgh? Take a look at our video below. It covers the pupil journey from nursery and pre-school through primary and secondary and the final two years in the Sixth Form. 

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