Welcome to our Academic Departments and Enrichment Hub

This page serves as the gateway to our diverse and dynamic academic departments, each dedicated to delivering an exceptional educational experience. Here, you will find detailed information about our academic curriculum, faculty expertise, and the unique learning opportunities and enrichment available across all curriculum areas.

We invite you to view our academic curriculum guides, which detail the curriculum for each academic department and can be easily accessed and downloaded from this page. These guides showcase the educational journey at different stages within the school. 

Click on the hyperlinks below to access the curriculum for each department.

P7, S1 and S2 Curriculum Departments 

Maths Challenge

S3 and S4 Curriculum Departments 

STEM competition

Sixth Form (S5 and S6) Curriculum Departments

GCSE results day

Additional Enrichment

You can also view more information about specific areas of additional enrichment in the school on the following web pages.

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