Clubs and Activities

Extracurricular Activities at St George’s Junior School

St George's Junior School emphasises a holistic approach placing equal emphasis on co-curricular subjects and academics.

Our Activities and Clubs programme offers an exceptional range of co-curricular opportunities for pupils of all ages, interests, and aptitudes. We offer a range of experiences and events designed to inspire and encourage.

Pupils often engage in activities they never thought of trying before. Pupils acquire new skills, forge new friendships, and develop resilience and confidence.

Our Junior School Programme of Co-Curricular Activities

Our clubs and extra activities programme ranges from chess clubs to martial arts, to encourage our young girls to experiment with activities that they may not otherwise encounter through daily life or standard education.

  • Multisport, Hockey, Judo and Self-defence, Football, Netball, Rugbytots, Fencing and Ballet 

See our sport co-curriculum programme

summer sport programme
  • Art, Choir, Guitar, Orchestra, Recorder and Musical Theatre
  • Earth Calling, Modern Languages, Outdoor Learning, Digi Club, Science Club
  • Bookworms, Board Games, Chess and Lego Club


P1 and P2 Autumn Term 2023 list of co-curricular clubs and activities
P3 - P5 Autumn Term 2023 list of co-curricular clubs and activities
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