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St George’s is proud to host students from all around the globe, positioning our UK boarding school as a leading international school.

International students form an important part of the St George's community, and we welcome girls from all over the world in all year groups from the age of 10 years.  

If you are interested in joining our school as an international student, please get in touch with our Admissions team for more information about how we can go through the admissions process with you remotely via conference call or in person at the school. 

Ellen's story

“When I was choosing schools back home in Hong Kong, Edinburgh was recommended to me by my cousin who attended the University of Edinburgh. I soon found that living in the boarding house suits me very well as it's so easy to just walk into school each morning!.." Read my full story

Lauren's story

“One of the best aspects of St George’s is that it has allowed me to explore and expand my interests due to the many opportunities offered. One such opportunity was participating in a school exchange with Germantown Friends School in Philadelphia, USA...'" Read my full story

Danni's story

"Along with my academics and a whole range of other co-curricular activities, I've gained lots of confidence. I was quite introverted when I first arrived, but I'm proud to say I've stepped out of my comfort zone and become Head of Boarding this year. The leadership opportunity has helped me come into my own..." Read my full story

Sixth Form for International Students

Jenny from Hong Kong talks about Sixth Form

Leonie from Germany shares her experiences as a pupil at St George's, a boarding school in Edinbugh

Leonie from Germany shares her experiences

Applicants are expected to complete entrance tests assessing English language and mathematical ability.

Candidates for whom English is a second or another language also sit an ESOL (English for speakers of other languages) assessment to ascertain whether their English is at a sufficient level for accessing the curriculum.  Places are allocated on the basis of performance in these assessments and evidence from a school report. 

English for speakers of other languages (ESOL) teaching support is provided at a range of levels and individually and in small groups.

With our experience and expertise in teaching English to non-native speakers, St George’s is a popular choice for international students who want to improve their English and earn ESOL certification (IELTS) through living and studying in a friendly, home-from-home environment in the UK.

This programme is for International students who are 15 – 16 years old (Year 11) for whom English is not their first language, and who want to experience life in a highly regarded girls’ school in Edinburgh.

All international students with parents who live overseas require a UK resident guardian preferably living in the local area. The guardian acts on behalf of parents in the UK, looking after students during half term and weekend holidays. We must be able to contact the guardian in an emergency. We can provide details of reputable guardianship agencies. 

Due to UK visas and immigration regulations, students are required to show the school their passports. All pupils must fulfil UK visas and immigration regulations for study in the UK. We require all applications for visas to be made with Newland Chase(, a firm of immigration specialists. An additional cost will be incurred for this service.

Information about the UK Visa and Immigration website. 

If you’re from Hong Kong and are a British national (overseas) you and your family members can apply for a British National (Overseas) visa. This is known as a BNO visa. It allows you to live, work and study in the UK. For additional information on the cost and requirements of the BNO visa route, please refer to the UK Visa and Immigration website. 

Mandarin introduction to St George's pdf download

There are direct flights from Beijing to Edinburgh via Hainan Airlines.

“I have such a grateful feeling towards St George’s for the care, kindness and guidance given to my daughter Ashley over recent years. Being based in Shanghai and having to deal with China’s strict Covid policy meant that I couldn’t visit her in Edinburgh as much as I wanted to. But day by day, year by year, she became so attached to St George’s and her life here. Ashley has so many fond memories ranging from Duke of Edinburgh Award expeditions to working at The Royal Highland Show, assisting the after-school library, and learning violin, percussion and piano. Now she intends to pursue her strong academic interests in Maths and Physics at university. Parent. Read Anthea's full story

Live and Study in Edinburgh

Many international families specifically choose Edinburgh as their destination for their children's education, seeking an English-speaking European country with excellent transport links. They are drawn to Edinburgh's reputation for safety, friendliness, and the exceptional quality of life it offers. 

Edinburgh is well connected for travel links. Edinburgh International Airport is one hour's flight from London.

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