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St George's Lunch Menu

Thomas Franks, our school caterers run a three-week rotational cycle. Their expert chefs craft seasonal menus for our students and staff.

Week 1 (new menu starting from Monday 24 April)

Week 2

Week 3

Thomas Franks Scotland: Catering at St George's

Thomas Franks Scotland are the catering partner for St George’s. They make it their mission to ensure that the catering matches the same level of excellence in all other areas of school life. Thomas Franks Scotland is a unique caterer with a genuine passion for great food, locally sourced ingredients, and exceptional service. They recognise the value and importance of food and nutrition throughout school life and ensure every meal is a dining experience to remember.

"We know fresh ingredients; a variety of flavours and nutrient-rich dishes are core to good food. Seasonality is at the forefront of our chefs’ minds." 

Supported by the wealth of knowledge from in-house Nutritionists, Christine and Olivia, the chefs create fully balanced and flavour-packed menus. The chefs have access to hundreds of local and regional suppliers because, as a chef-led company, they understand the significant difference that fresh, high-quality raw ingredients make to a final dish.

Allergy Management

In school we will continue our practice of not knowingly using nuts (tree nuts nor peanuts) in our school lunch production or in the food that we offer at other times. We cannot however guarantee that our food will always be ‘nut free’. Increasingly we are seeing the disclaimer ‘also may contain nuts’ included in the labelling of the raw materials that we buy in. We will continue our practice not to use foods that state they are made in a factory that also handles nuts or, although not listing nuts in the ingredients, actually state that they are not suitable for nut allergy sufferers.

We ask for your help with this by not giving your child foods that contain nuts or use the phrases ‘made in a factory that also handles nuts’ or ‘not suitable for nut allergy sufferers’ to bring in to school.

Halal & Gluten Free options are also available on request, please just ask a member of the team.

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