Department of Art and Design

Art and Design is particularly strong at St George's and plays a leading role in the vibrant life of the school. Focusing on the individual we encourage our students to produce work which is diverse, ambitious, but above all personal.

The Faculty of Art is set in its own building and is a dynamic hub of activity throughout and beyond the school day where students are encouraged to become self-motivated and independent learners.  There are IT facilities in every art studio and an extensive reference library. Regular visits are made to galleries, exhibitions and art colleges.

In recent years, Textile Design has become a particular strength of the Faculty of Art. With an emphasis on learning techniques and experimenting in two and three dimensions, students create imaginative and exciting personal outcomes.

The standard of work our students produce is exceptionally high, which can be seen in our annual end of year exhibition, examination results and impressive record of our students’ progression to art college.


Junior School: In Junior School, P3-P5 students are taught in their very own art studio. Here they learn to express themselves and communicate thoughts and feelings in a range of media. They also have the opportunity to visit exhibitions which is an invaluable experience in learning how to comment on their own and others’ work.

Lower School: Art lessons in Primary 6 – Lower 4 take place in the Upper School art studios. As such, Lower School students have the opportunity to work in a wider range of media: acrylic paint, ceramics, textiles, print-making, construction materials, etc. Pupils extend their drawing skills through observational work and are encouraged to develop their own creative, decision-making process through the use of sketchbooks.

Upper School: Upper 4 (S2) is an exciting year for our students: for some it is the last year they will study compulsory Art lessons; for others it is a preparatory year in readiness for GCSE Level; but for all, it is an opportunity to extend their skills in new and exciting media.

It is our aim that students in Upper 4 reach Curriculum for Excellence Level 4 by the end of the year.

GCSE Level Art and Design

With a clear shift towards exploring, experimenting and taking risks, GCSE Level students embark on a journey of discovery.  They are encouraged to be even more responsible for their learning, choosing directions of their own and exploring a greater variety of media. Art appreciation is a major part of the GCSE Level course and students build on their critical understanding through independent research and class discussion of the work of artists and designers.

The GCSE course provides a genuinely rigorous, creative and rewarding Art education and is an excellent springboard for those wanting to study Art in Sixth Form.

Sixth Form

SQA Higher Art and Design
AS/A Level Textile Design
A Level Art and Design

Art in the Sixth Form gives students the opportunity to explore topics in greater depth from a personal point of view.

Students have their own Sixth Form Studio allowing them more flexibility and the opportunity to work with more independence in their own space.

The courses we offer are portfolio based and therefore highly suitable for students applying to university and college courses in areas related to Art and Design, Architecture, Fashion, Textiles and Photography,

Life Class

All of our Sixth Form students in the Faculty of Art attend our weekly Life Class lessons in the Autumn Term.  

The experience of drawing from life is one of the most challenging, invaluable and rewarding disciplines of the visual arts. Week by week, the girls’ confidence grows in their abilities to represent three-dimensions on a flat surface with assurance and understanding; this is a tricky task but with the great rewards of becoming a stronger, more skilful artist.

Universities and colleges have previously commented on how the inclusion of life drawing strengthens students’ admissions portfolios immeasurably. 

Teaching Staff

There are three full-time teachers, one part-time teacher and an experienced technician, all of whom bring their own expertise, ambitious ideas and sense of fun to our curriculum:

Sean Stewart 

Head of Faculty of Art

BA (Hons) Sculpture 

Jane Chapman

Teacher of Art and Textile Design

BA (Hons) Fine Art 

Jamie Hogarth 

Teacher of Art

BA (Hons) Drawing & Painting 

Sarah Knox

Primary Art Co-ordinator

BA (Hons) English and Fine Art

Paul Charlton 

Art Technician


All our teachers are registered with the GTCS (General Teaching Council for Scotland) and they all hold a post graduate teaching qualification (usually PGCE or PGDE) if their degree is not in education.

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  • A Level U6 44
  • A Level U6 78
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  • A Level U6 77
  • A Level U6 9
  • A Level U6 31
  • A Level U6 46
  • A Level U6 15
  • A Level U6 44
  • A Level U6 78
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  • A Level U6 77
  • A Level U6 9
  • A Level U6 31
  • A Level U6 46