Department of Lower School Science

Science 250wLower School Science, taught to Remove (P7) and Lower 4 (S1) students, builds on their studies in the Primary years. The students are taught in two well-equipped labs by teachers who also teach in Upper School; their details can be found in the departmental profiles for Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

The curriculum follows the KS3 science guidelines, while ensuring students receive a good grounding in Physics, Chemistry and Biology to support their studies at GCSE. In Remove, they learn more about the basic concepts in a balanced science setting, and then study separate sciences in Lower 4.

Topics taught are:

Particles and Heat, Cells to Organisms, Separating Mixtures, Energy and Ecosystems.

Lower 4:

Chemistry: Acids and Alkalis, Metals and Non-Metals, Earth Science

Biology: Digestion, Gas Exchange, Reproduction, Adaptation.

Physics: Forces and Speed, Electricity, Light and Sound.

Crest LogoThere is an emphasis on understanding the scientific method and the building up of investigative skills in each topic. Students are also regularly encouraged to explore, through research projects and practical investigations, throughout the course. Lower 4 students also carry out a 3-week investigation which may be eligible for a British Association Bronze CREST award. More details can be found here.

There is also a weekly Science club after school where students can investigate aspects of science outside the school curriculum and carry out problem solving activities.

LS science is supported by technician, Julia Robertson.