Department of Physics

In the Physics Department we believe that, whatever their later choices and future careers, it is important that all young people learn Physics at school. Their world is increasingly full of technological devices based on physics principles. A physics education provides an insight into countless issues and processes, all of which affect our lives. We thus strive to ensure that the curriculum and our approaches to teaching and learning lead to a greater appreciation of physics and its impact on the individual and society.

Our laboratories are well equipped with modern apparatus, including the latest data logging equipment. There is particular emphasis placed on developing practical and investigative skills. In addition, virtual experiments and applications are employed to consolidate understanding.

Upper School

In both Lower 4 (S1) and Upper 4 (S2), Physics is studied as a discrete subject. Interest is promoted in traditional topics such as Light, Sound and Forces, by the use of stimulating applications. In Lower 5 (S3) and Upper 5 (S4) physics is offered at GCSE level, which provides a deeper insight into the structure of the subject and a sound basis for further study.

Sixth Form

Students may continue their studies by following the SQA Higher Level course, which may lead to Advanced Higher. In addition to the theoretical and practical work, each course entails coursework, in the form of a research project for Higher and an individual practical investigation for Advanced Higher. The Advanced Higher course is of great value for those going on to university courses in Science and Engineering.

Beyond the classroom, students benefit from lectures, our links with local organisations and the challenge of the Physics Olympiad.

Teaching Staff

Andrew Roache

 BSc (Hons) Physics

Rebecca Warren

 BSc (Hons) Physics, PhD

They are supported by our technician: Sharon Dixon BSc (Hons) PhD

All our teachers are registered with the GTCS (General Teaching Council for Scotland) and they all hold a post graduate teaching qualification (usually PGCE or PGDE) if their degree is not in education.