St George’s School Structure

Scottish Independent Girls' School

St George's is an all-through girls' school from 3-18 years on one self-contained campus in the heart of Edinburgh. The size of the whole school is typically around 700 girls and this is divided into 3 schools based on age and stage, including an Upper School (and Sixth Form), Lower School and Junior School with a Nursery.

From August 2021 boys who currently attend our ante pre-school class will be able to join the pre-school year. This means boys can stay for the full two-year duration of the Nursery.  In due course, boys can then move on with their friends into our Primary 1 and can stay with us up to the end of Primary 3.

Watch our video showing the journey through St George's. It covers the Nursery, Junior School, Lower School, Upper School and our provision for boarding.


Sixth Form Lower 6 – Upper 6 (S5-S6) (16 – 18 years)

Upper School Upper 4 – Upper 5 (S2 – S4) (13 – 16 years)

Lower School P6 – Lower 4 (S1) (10 – 13 years)

Junior School P1 – P5 (5 – 9/10 years). 
From 2022 boys joining P1, and over the next two years to the end of P3

Nursery 3 – 5 years girls and boys


There are 6 school houses: Argyll (Blue), Buccleuch (Pink), Douglas (Yellow), Lindsay (Orange), Moray (Green) and Strathmore (Red).

The house system makes a significant contribution to the warm sense of community in the school by creating valuable opportunities for girls at all stages throughout the school to share experiences and work together.

School Day

Registration is at 8.45 am and classes end at 3.50 pm in the Lower and Upper Schools. In the Junior School classes end at 3.10 pm for P1 - P5. Extra-curricular Clubs and Activities run after school until 4.00 pm in the Junior School and 5.30 pm for older pupils.



The St George's Journey (school structure and year groups)