The Benefits of attending an All Girls School

We would like you to know some of the reasons why we think you should consider an all-girls school in Edinburgh for your daughter.

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The staff and students talk about girls-only at St George's

A compelling collection of quotes from a range of recent research studies about the benefits of girls-only education produced by the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools (NCGS in the USA) which is a leading advocate for girls’ education. 

Why Girls Only?

Academic achievement

Girls' schools regularly punch above their weight in national exams and dominate the top of the exam results league tables. Girls' School Association schools accounted for a disproportionately large share of the top grades in sciences, mathematics and languages.

Freedom from stereotypes

There is no gender stereotyping. Girls' schools excel as much in subjects dominated by boys elsewhere such as in mathematics, physics and design technology as they do in English, drama, art and languages. Girls in girls' schools are also more likely 'to have a go' and pursue the sports and extra-curricular activities on offer.


With only girls in the classroom and on the sports field, girls have freedom to be - and become - themselves and to explore fully all the education opportunities available to them.

Opportunities - all of them!

Girls enjoy ALL opportunities, (none are closed to them!) whether these are the arts, sport, science, expeditions, careers or other extra-curricular activities. There is no limit to ambitions.

Girls learn to be leaders

There has to be a Head of House, sports team leader and so on, and that someone always has to be a girl. The girls of today will be the leaders of tomorrow and girls' schools are wonderful environments to learn not just how to shoulder responsibility, but also how to take risks and inspire and lead others.

Girls and boys mature at different rates

Girls' schools provide an education geared specifically to girls' needs and their particular developmental stages.

Care and support

We give the right kind of support and create an environment in which girls feel comfortable taking risks and asking questions. As a result, girls become more resilient and sure of themselves.

University entrance

Girls' schools have an excellent track record of helping their students gain places at the universities of their choice.  In 2014 at St George’s over 90% of our leavers accepted places at their first choice of university and course. The most popular universities were St Andrews, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Bristol; the most popular courses were history, business and science related. 53% of the girls chose to stay in Scotland; the others are studying in England, Northern Ireland, France, USA, Hong Kong and Thailand.


Careers preparation is underpinned by the resilience, confidence and freedom from stereotyping that an all-girls environment inspires. Girls' schools open their students' eyes to all possibilities and help them to take the practical steps necessary to achieve their ambitions. St George’s also provides support in the form of visiting speakers, partnerships with potential employers, expeditions and exchange visits, and joint activities for girls and boys from other schools, to name but a few opportunities.

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