How to Join St George's

Find out about entrance requirements, applications and assessments at St George’s

St George's welcomes both day pupils and boarders throughout the school.

We make it our priority to ensure your family's admissions experience is as individualised and personal as possible.


Year Groups

Nursery 2-5 years (from 3 years starting in August 2019)
Junior School P1-P5 5 -9 years
Lower School P6, P7, S1 10-13 years
Upper School S2, S3, S4 13-16 years
Sixth Form S5 and S6 16-18 years

Watch our St George’s journey video to find out about our year groups and how girls move up the school.

To find out more contact our Admissions Department T: 0131 311 8008,




Prospectus Supplement 2018-19


The St George's Journey (school structure & year groups)


Admissions Policy