About Edinburgh - A Reputation for Education

Edinburgh as a location for studying

St George's is fortunate to be based in a parkland setting, with views to Edinburgh Castle, in the West End of Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital. Edinburgh is one of the world’s most beautiful cities with numerous accolades for its environment, economy, innovation and architecture.

Scottish education is respected worldwide

Since the Scottish Enlightenment period of the 18th century, which produced many intellectual and scientific accomplishments, Scotland has enjoyed a reputation for the quality of its education system. Today, Scotland is still respected worldwide for its education. Scotland’s universities are internationally renowned for their research, discoveries and innovations.

Most international families who choose Edinburgh want their children to be educated in an English-speaking European country with good transport links and they are attracted by Edinburgh’s safe and friendly reputation, and the quality of life on offer.

Edinburgh boasts a stunning landscape, a rich cultural heritage and modern vibrant city.  Apart from the renowned Edinburgh International Festival and the Fringe Festival — the largest arts festival in the world — we also have the stunning Scottish countryside on our doorstep, and often take advantage of this for Duke of Edinburgh and weekend activities. 

For families who are interested in boarding their daughter at St George’s the school is 15 minutes drive from Edinburgh’s International Airport and a short walk or bus trip from Edinburgh’s Haymarket railway station and Edinburgh’s West End.