Why do I need a guardian?

The majority of UK boarding schools require all overseas pupils to have a UK guardian. A guardian is a responsible adult living in the UK who can be there in an emergency situation on behalf of parents. For those parents who do not have a family friend to act as guardian, then they have the opportunity of choosing a UK Guardianship Organisation to act in Loco Parentis for their child. This not only satisfies the Boarding School requirements but also the UKVI guidelines and keeps international students safe while they are not in school and are unaccompanied.

We have worked with the following Guardianship Agencies for a number of years:

Scottish Overseas Guardianship Association (SOGA)
Mrs Pam Keracher
Website: www.scottishoverseasguardianship.co.uk/
Tel: +44 (0)1738 562036
Mobile: 07762 791805
Email: pamkerachersoga@hotmail.co.uk

Academic Families
Tel: +44 (0)131 331 3317
Mobile: +44 (0)773 484 9554
Email: lorna@academicfamilies.com 
Website: www.academicfamilies.com

Guardian Agencies make a charge for their services. In addition there are charges payable to the host family who look after children during half-terms and exeat weekends. The charges vary from one agency to another, but on average the first year of guardianship may cost about £1000, including Registration Fees. Charges for later years may be less. Some agencies offer lower charges to students staying for shorter periods, eg 1 year or 2 terms, or to Sixth Form students.

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