Uniform Exchange

The aim of the St George’s Uniform Exchange is to provide a service for parents in the provision and sale of second-hand uniform whilst raising funds for the school. The Uniform Exchange is run by a group of parent volunteers. The shop is situated in its own room in the Everest Sports Pavilion and is open at publicised times throughout the school term. Credit cards and cash are accepted.

Good quality second-hand uniform and sporting equipment may be sold/donated or purchased at the Exchange. There are two options for used uniform: the donor can choose to receive back 75% of the items’ sale price, or items can be donated in full. In either case, proceeds are used to support school developments.

Opening Times Summer 2021

For the time being the Uniform Exchange will be open by appointment only on the following dates:

Wednesday 23 June 2.45 - 4.30pm
Tuesday 29 June (Transition day, new parents only) 1.30 - 5pm
Wednesday 7 July  3 - 4.30pm
Friday 9 July 9.30 - 11am
Saturday 10 July 9.30 - 11am
Monday 9 August (Maxi Hockey Camp) 12.45 - 4pm
Wednesday 11 August (Mini Hockey Camp) 8.45 - 12noon 
Friday 13 August (Mini Hockey Camp) 8.45 - 12noon
Tuesday 17 August 9.30 - 11am
Wednesday 18 August 3 - 4.30pm
Friday 20 August  9.30 - 11am
Saturday 21 August 9.30 - 11am
Monday 23 August 1.30 - 3pm & 3 - 4.30pm
Tuesday 24 August (First day of term) 8.15 - 9.30am
Thursday 26 August 2.45 - 4.30pm
Saturday 28 August 9.30 - 11am

To arrange an appointment please email with an idea of your preferred time to uniformexchange@icloud.com.

Ideally bring a list of required items and sizes; please refer to the sizing chart at the bottom of this page for guidance.

Payment is preferably by card, contactless where possible.

Your daughter won’t be able to use the changing room but we are happy to accept returns or exchanges so long as the sales tag remains attached to the item and you have your receipt number. We are sorry but without this tag, we are unable to accept returns. And even if you are exchanging for the same item, we have to process a return and then a new sale.

If you are bringing items to sell, remember to complete and enclose a sales form, also below. If you are donating to the school in full then there is no need to complete the form.

Bring a face mask with you and remember social distancing. Please be patient if you have to queue.


How to sell or donate at the Exchange

If you wish to sell/donate items of school uniform or sporting equipment, they should be brought to the Uniform Exchange during the above opening times. If you wish to receive back 75% of the sale price, then please download and complete the Sale Form and attach to your securely wrapped items. If you are donating your items in full then there is no need to complete a Sale Form.

We treat your personal data with care, please see our Privacy Policy

Uniform Exchange Terms of Service 

Used uniform and sporting equipment are accepted on the following conditions:


    • The items must be current uniform and in good condition e.g. clean, neatly folded, with all buttons, no torn linings, name tapes removed.
    • Any garments which are, in the Committee’s opinion, not in good enough condition for school uniform, or not current uniform, will be given to charity without contacting the seller.
    • Football boots, AstroTurf boots and walking boots are the only footwear accepted.
    • No tights and no socks, except the red hockey socks, will be accepted.
    • The price of each item is decided by the committee.
    • Any garment remaining unsold after 5 years may be given to charity.
    • Any surplus stock may be given to charity.
    • The seller will receive 75% of the sale price of their goods; payout is made by cheque once a year in the winter term.
    • No further payout will be made after 5 years from the seller donating their last items for sale.
    • It is the sellers’ responsibility to provide an up-to-date address for payout purposes.
    • Any cheques which are returned from the address given to the Committee marked ‘gone away’ etc, will be credited to the fund.
    • No items can go out of the shop on approval or loan. All items must be paid for at the time of sale. No credit can be given or exchanges made.*

* COVID restrictions mean that items cannot currently be tried on in the shop, so we are happy to accept returns or exchange your purchases providing the sales tag remains attached to the garment.


Uniform Exchange Sale Form
Uniform Exchange Sizing Chart
Uniform Exchange Privacy Policy