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Boarding Banner 1000w2What are the best things about St George’s?

"St George’s has really useful help sessions - there is always more than one a week, so if you miss one, there’s always another one you can attend.

A lot of careers advice is given to us, helping us to understand what options are available. There’s also the careers newsletter with helpful suggestions and developments. The best thing is it’s available to the whole of upper school, helping people with careers advice earlier in the school.

There is a huge range of clubs, which cater for different interests which push you to try new things. For example, I joined Amnesty this year and I feel that my actions have a positive impact. It takes a short time to write a letter and it’s amazing the difference it can make.

There is a real community in Houldsworth House and it has been frequently called a “home away from home”- well, it truly is! We all know each other really well and get on with each other, which means we make lasting friendships across year groups. Houldsworth provides a lot of different activities to do each weekend; this allows people with different interests to enjoy them. The activities are voluntary, so if you enjoy a weekend staying in - you can. The boarding parents are always there and you can always go to the office for a chat whether it’s serious or just to catch up."

Tara, L6

 "As my St George’s journey comes to an end, I think back on what the school has given me over the last five years. This school has had me thinking about my future from day one. The teachers and houseparents work with my interests, skills and strengths, and tirelessly help me to overcome my weaknesses. I get academic and emotional support continuously from staff.

St George’s pushes the boundaries of every individual student, including myself. Without encouragement, I would not have tried CCF, International Committee, badminton, Eco-Schools and various other activities. I found interest in my subjects, and choosing university courses for next year would have been a lot harder had the teachers in my subjects not been enthusiastic, engaging and easy to talk to.

Being a boarder has meant that my passion for languages and cultures is ignited. I have met girls from Mexico, Hong Kong, Germany and Italy. Being a boarder in sixth form means that I have a responsibility to be a role model to new and younger girls staying with us, which reflects the overwhelming support I received from staff and students alike when I joined in 2011."

Eleanor, U6

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"We have been boarding at St George’s for two years and time has really flown by. We can hardly believe that we only met two years ago. Not only do we have classes and extra-curricular activities together, but we also share a room. Being in Houldsworth has been an amazing experience for us both. Because there is such a variety of nationalities here we have had the opportunity to meet and befriend girls from every corner of the globe. The small and family-like community we have in Houldsworth allows us to bond and really get to know one another, no matter what our age or background. Boarding has also taught us how to be more responsible and caring of others. Similarly we have always felt completely supported by one another throughout our time here. The houseparents always work closely with school and other teachers to ensure we achieve what we are capable of and have the best time doing it. Not only are they always there to help with homework, but they are always there with a cup of tea when things get tough and all we need is a chat and a helping hand.

Overall, boarding at St George’s has provided us with amazing opportunities, memories and friends that will last a lifetime. Houldsworth is not just a boarding house, it is a sisterhood. " 

Anna and Eilidh, U5

"I have been a student at St George’s for just over a year now and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. I have learned and developed many skills, also gaining confidence and independence as I am a boarder. Not only have I learnt how to do my laundry (something I am very proud of) but my social skills have improved dramatically as St George’s is like a family that gives you a sense of belonging. In the boarding house especially, I view the girls here as my sisters and we are all very close. Last year, when I was new, I felt I wasn’t going to belong because lots of things seemed so different compared to my last school but there were lots of girls who would say hello to me and wave in the hallways. It didn’t take long for me to make friends who I am still close to today. I still say the occasional “in my old school…” but I’m always telling my old friends (who I am still in contact with) “in my school,” and I think about all the things I would be missing if I had never come here. St George’s is a home to me and I wouldn’t change that for the world."

Katriona U5
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