Supporting your child with online learning

Top tips for parents with primary aged children supporting St George’s online learning programme.

Supporting children at home during school closures is a challenge for us all. A good home learning environment has a daily routine, which is motivating and meaningful but at the same time has flexibility built-in. Structure your child’s day, so they have a variety of activities and breaktimes. 

Learning happens when we feel calm and comfortable. If your child is feeling stressed, pushing them to engage in learning may increase levels of anxiety. Stay positive and remember that everyday life, playing and talking with you are all equally important for learning. 

Keeping active, especially spending some time outdoors, can improve our wellbeing. Our emotional health is important too, so try to stay connected with friends and loved ones who are important to you and your child. Be kind to yourself too; this makes it easier to be kind to others. 

Most of all, try to stay positive as children pick up on our emotional states. Our mindsets will also influence the ways in which we support our children. While modelling how to approach difficult situations, a child’s own resilience will subsequently develop. 

These video clips have been created to help guide parents when they are supporting their child with online learning in the Junior School.  

They are recordings from part of a live Junior School Online Learning webinar for parents. The webinar is presented by Sue Hay, Head of Junior School, and Fiona White, Deputy Head of Junior School at St George’s.

Video Clips

  • Top tips to help support your child (11 mins)
  • What does supported home learning look like in the Junior School? (7 mins)
  • Metacognition - How children learn to learn (4 mins)
  • Top Tips on Online Learning

  • Junior School Programme

  • Tips on How Children Learn

More Information

Andy Leask, Head of English and Distance Learning, gives an introduction to our Supported Home Learning strategy at St George's using Office 365 and Microsoft Teams. By using Office 365 to deliver our online learning school curriculum we are also preparing students to work remotely, skills that will be needed for the 21st-century workplace.

Supported Home Learning