Support for Learning at St George's Junior School

Liaison between class teachers and parents is of paramount importance in creating a coherent and planned approach for children needing additional support and challenge.

As well as having specialist Support for Learning staff working in the classrooms, we have a dedicated Junior School Support for Learning classroom which is used for some pupils to help with the development of specific skills and to encourage learners’ self-confidence and self-esteem.

Lower Primary (Primary 1 and 2)

Specialist Support for Learning staff work with the class teachers assisting pupils in the development of early literacy and numeracy, either in small groups or individually as part of our early intervention programme. 

Our early intervention programme covers P1 and P2 pupils where Additional Support for Learning staff work closely in liaison with class teachers to consolidate and reinforce classwork to ensure all our pupils have a good foundation for literacy and numeracy.

 Middle Primary (Primary 3 - 5)

Specialist Support for Learning staff may work alongside the class teacher in the classroom supporting small groups or individual pupils with a particular task. 

Our Faculty of Support for Learning is fully committed to raising the standard of attainment and achievement of all our students through improving outcomes for those with additional support needs.