We were delighted to welcome Professor Christine Middlemiss to St George's ‘Fearless Women’ webinar. Christine leads the UK government in their response to exotic animal disease outbreaks, representing the UK in Europe and further afield. At the end of the webinar, students were given the opportunity to ask Professor Middlemiss questions about her career and achievements to date.

The Fearless Women webinars are designed to encourage pupils to aim high and achieve their goals, which is of particular importance for girls considering pathways in typically male-dominated sectors. It is open to all young women in Scotland.

In 2024, the Girls' School Association (GSA) commemorates its 150th anniversary, having served as a champion for girls and their teachers, promoting positive societal change. To honour this milestone, four independent girls' schools in Scotland – St George's School, Edinburgh, St Margaret's School for Girls in Aberdeen, The Mary Erskine School, and Kilgraston – are hosting the inspiring 'Fearless Women' webinar series.

You can sign up for future Fearless Women Webinars hosted by Kilgraston School and The Mary Erskine School.

Click on the play button on the video to watch the recording from the webinar.

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