Reasons for an all girls' education

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Are you thinking about a school for your daughter and considering your options in Edinburgh?

Have you thought of an all girls' education but you are not really sure what it can offer you?


Here are Some Reasons For An All Girls' Education 

  1. Girls have the confidence and freedom to be themselves. They are likely to become more assertive and willing to articulate their views.
  2. Girls are likely to study subjects they enjoy and at which they excel; there are no gender-related stereotypes to influence them. 
  3. Girls-only schools focus only on girls: everything is designed with girls' needs and developmental stages in mind.
  4. In girls-only schools there are no limits to ambitions - all the opportunities are for girls.
  5. Girls learn to lead, surrounded by positive female role models.
  6. Girls-only schools achieve outstanding academic results: the national league tables are evidence of this. 
  7. Girls are more likely to feel at ease in their surroundings, promoting more risk taking and mastering new skills which develop resilience and self-esteem.

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